Going through the three pages of names, I decided to research each family in the order they appear on the list, and try to determine just how they are related to each other and to me. This required searching a number of different genealogical sites and sources, as many of the families were unfamiliar to me.

6. Mrs. Lucy Clark

The 6th name on the Guest List is Mrs. Lucy M. (White) Clark of Dyer Brook, Aroostook County. She was the daughter of Charles and Elizabeth “Betsey” (Lilley) White and the younger sister of Harrison White, making her the paternal 1st cousin of the husband of my 2nd great-grandaunt.

Lucy M. White was born 24 July 1863 in Littleton, Aroostook County. She was the 5th child and 2nd daughter of Charles and Betsey White. Like her older brother Harrison, Lucy was born in the United States, on the family farm in Littleton.

Lucy first appears on the 1870 US Federal Census, living with her parents and 6 siblings. By the time of the next Census, 1880, Lucy is now a marriad woman. She married Elijah Kelley, son of William H. & Mary Jane (Fields) Kelley on the 3rd day of May in 1879. Lucy was 18 and Elijah was 24. The marriage produced 6 children, Clara Estelle, George Ambrose, Eddith Etta, Harry Newell, Charles William and Josie Mae.

Lucy’s first husband Elijah passed away on th 23rd of Nov 1897 at the young age of 41, leaving Lucy a widow with 6 children, the youngest being only 11 months old.

On 31 October 1899, Lucy married her second husband, John I. Clark. She and John would have two children together, Millie Bearle and Ora William.

Lucy attended the Family Reunion alone, according to the list of guests.

7. Mr & Mrs. Joseph Lincoln Hawksley & daughter

The next family on the Guest List is “Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Hawksley & daughter from Dyer Brook. It took some searching, but I was able to identify the attendees as Joseph L.Hawksley, his wife Dorothy (White) Hawksley and their daughter Sylvan / Feneda . Both Joseph and his wife are members of the Lilley family, as Joseph is the son of Lucy Thomas (Lilley) Hawksley and Dorothy is the daughter of Elizabeth “Betsey” (Lilley) White. Dorothy is Lucy M. White’s younger sister. Joseph is listed on Ancestry as the paternal 1st cousin of husband of my 2nd great-grandaunt. Dorothy is also listed as the paternal 1st cousin of husband of my 2nd great-grandaunt, making Dorothy and Joseph first cousins as their mothers (Elizabeth & Lucy) were sisters.

Dorothy L. White was born on the 28th of January 1865 in Lewiston, Aroostook County. She was the 6th child of Charles and Elizabeth (Lilley) White.

Joseph Lincoln Hawksley was born on 15th of August 1865 in Mars Hill, Aroostook County. He was the 9th child of John Goodwin and Lucy Thomas (Lilley) Hawksley.

Joseph and Dorothy were married on 02 April 1896 in Smyrna, Aroostook by Clergyman George F. Lilley, who is 1st cousin of their mothers.

They first appear as a family in the 1900 US Federal Census, living in Smyrna with their 2 children: Sylvan and Feneda. They are still living in Smyrna according to the 1910 US Federal Census, but have moved to Dyer Brook some time before the 1920 US. Federal Census.

Both of their daughters, Sylvan and Feneda were living at home in 1922, but it is unclear which of them attended the family reunion with their parents.

8. Mr. & Mrs. Roger L. McGary

The eight family listed on the handwritten guest list is Mr. and Mrs. R. L. McGary. It took a little searching, but I was able to find Roger Lilley McGary and his wife Cora (Whiting ) Sargent. With a middle name of Lilley, it’s obvious which member of the family is the Grant / Lilley connection. Roger is listed on as father-in-law of nephew of husband of 1st Cousin 3x removed, May Viola Gerrish. But I have found a second, closer connection between Roger and I. Through his mother, Lucy Caroline Lilley, he is the paternal 1st Cousin 1x removed of husband of my 2nd great-grandaunt, Nellie O. Gardner.

Roger Lilley McGary was born on 28th of July 1877, the 4th child and 3rd son of Thomas and Lucy Caroline (Lilley) McGary. Born on the family farm in Smyrna, Aroostook County, Roger would live in the area his entire life, living with his parents on the family farm until his marriage.

On Christmas Day, December 25, 1901, Roger took the young widow, Cora (Whiting) Sargent as his wife. She was the widow of Fred P. Sargernt, and the mother of a 6-year-old son, Arthur.

The 1910 US Federal Census lists the family as Roger, Cora, their two children, Florence and Clifford, along with Arthur. There is also a farm laborer living with them, Francis Wood, a live-in housekeeper, Geneva Ireland and a boarder, Nellie Brown.

By 1920, the family had grown to 3 children, with the birth of Raymond in August, 1910. Roger’s 5-year-old nephew, Herbert, is also listed with the family. Herbert was the son of George B. McGary, Roger’s youngest brother.

Based on the guest list, it doesn’t appear that any of the children attended the family reunion.

9. Mr. & Mrs. Crawford William Marley & family

The next family on the Grant / Lilley Reunion Guest list is Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Marley & family. The Grant / Lilley connection in this family is strong. Mrs. Marley is Electra Grant, the daughter of Henry and Electra (Lurvey) Grant. She is listed on as the sister-in-law of my 1st cousin 3x removed (May Viola Gerrish).

Electra W. Grant was born 10th of March 1878 in Smyrna, Aroostook County, to Henry Allen Grant and his 2nd wife Electra (Lurvey) Grant. Her mother tragically passed away 19 days after her birth. The 1880 US Federal Census reflects this, as Electra, her older brother Leon and her father Henry are living with Henry’s parents, William and Esther Grant.

The 1900 US Federal Census lists Electra as a Boarder at the home of Clifford Marley and his sister Lottie. Electra married Crawford W. Marley on 12th of December 1900. Electra and Crawford were blessed with 3 children during their marriage: Benjamin, born in 1901; Donald, born in 1910 and Phyllis, born in 1916. This is reflected in the 1920 US Federal Census.

Benjamin married Shirley S. Ingalls on 24th of June 1921. Although Benjamin did not attend the reunion, his wife Shirley is listed as an attendee. I will explore her connection to the family at a later date.

Donald, who was 12 years old and Phyllis, who was 6 years old at time of the reunion most likely can be counted as the “& family” on the guest list.

10. Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Gerrish & family

When I saw the name “Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Gerrish & family” on the Grant / Lilley family reunion guest list, I immediately recognized it. Jesse Gerrish is my 1st Cousin 3x removed, the son of Hannah L. (Gardner) Gerrish. Hannah is the younger sister of my 2nd Great Grandfather John Henry Gardner. She is also the sister of Nellie O. (Gardner) Lilley. However, I have yet to find a connection between Jesse Gerrish and either the Grant or Lilley family other than through his aunt Nellie.

I am setting this brick wall aside for the time being and continuing to work through the attendance list. Hopefully a clue will appear to assist me with this family connection.

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